Q: What are your Prints / Posters printed on?

A: Our prints are made with Canon Dye Inks on Professional Grade Premier Imaging Micropore Luster Paper (or Better), 10.4mil RC Photo Base, 270 GSM

 Q: What are the Sizes of your Prints & Posters?

 A: Here is a breakdown ...


Paper Size - 9 x 13 Inches (Imperial), 228 x 330 mm (Metric)

Image Size - 8 x 12 Inches (Imperial), 204 x 305 mm (Metric)

Border Width - 0.5 Inches (Imperial), 12.7 mm (Metric)


Paper Size - 13 x 19 Inches (Imperial), 329 x 483 mm (Metric)

Image Size - 12 x 18 Inches (Imperial), 305 x 457 mm (Metric)

Border Width - 0.5 Inches (Imperial), 12.7 mm (Metric)


Paper Size - 16 x 24 Inches (Imperial), 407 x 610 mm (Metric)

Borderless Image on Glossy Paper


Paper Size - 24 x 36 Inches (Imperial), 610 x 914 mm (Metric)

Borderless Image on Glossy Paper

Q: Do you take suggestions for new work?

A: Yes! Feel free to send me ideas for things you'd love to see in our shop. Some of our current items are a direct result of customer input.

Q: Can you customize the colors in an existing print?

A: It depends on the Print, but most time - yes. Message us with specifics and we will see what we can do for you.

Q: Where did you get the frames in the preview pictures?

A: The frames pictured in all of our listings are digitally created in Photoshop and are not real.

Q: What frames do you suggest?

A: We do try to offer standard size images so you can find frames at nearly any store, but you can find some very affordable ones that my customers have used before ...


Target, Vistek & Henry's Camera

United States

ArtToFrames on Amazon: amzn.to/mtzCr7

Poster Frame Depot - www.posterframedepot.com

Otherwise ask your local art store or framer about getting a custom mats cut and choose your own frame!